The class advisers of each grade were the ones who conducted the post-reading assessment. The advisers used the given instrument and scoring sheet by the reading program’s proponent. The tools used were adopted from Phil Iri and other selections from DepEd Commons. After the post-reading assessment, the results were consolidated. The results determined how many learners improved their reading comprehension levels and how many learners were still at the instructional and frustration level. The results also determined if the reading program was effective. According to the consolidated report, there is a significant percentage of improvement in learners’ reading comprehension levels. The proponent of the reading program recommended that it should be sustained and enhanced for incoming intermediate learners for the school year 2022-2023.

Comprehension through Organized Reading (CORe) Program

The San Felipe Elementary School (West) implemented the Comprehension through Organized Reading (CORe) program with the use of the PRIDE (Predict, Read, Infer, Determine, Evaluate) Strategy that aims to increase the vocabulary of intermediate learners; develop the reading comprehension level of learners for them to become instructional or independent readers; solve frustrated readers’ lack of reading skills and difficulties; reinforce skills in reading comprehension and vocabulary building; and develop a systematic way of reading in reading activities in any subject. The pre-reading assessment was conducted online while the post-reading assessment was conducted face-to-face since the school is now open for limited learners.


1. Determine the learners’ reading comprehension level after the intervention program;
2. Give necessary intervention to learners who are still at a frustration level; and
3. Use the result to determine what to enhance in the reading program