History of San Felipe Elementary School West

Formal Education took place in 1930’s at San Felipe Elementary School (West) when the first Gabaldon Building was constructed. The former Name of the school was San Felipe North Central. It was a complete primary school from 1931 to 1934. School children went to San Felipe South Central which is now Bobulon Elementary School upon reaching Grade V. Based on reliable sources, in the person of Madam Conchita Cabatit, a retired Elementary Teacher of the district, the first principal was a black American, that was circa 1930’s. Kindergarten, Grades1-3 classes were administered in Central West and intermediate classes on the other hand are handled in Bobulon. During the World War I from May-October 1942 the school was made into garrison by the Japanese soldiers including the neighboring house of the Brown family, which is still evident and intact as of this day, the house is only adjacent to the school premise, the garrison was eventually moved to San Narciso in the eastern part section of the town proper, which is now known as Rural Bank of San Narciso. During the Japanese regime, the medium of instruction is in Niponggo instead of English and there were no English subjects being taught in class. It was in 1936 when intermediate classes were opened at San Felipe North Central and was named San Felipe Elementary School in 1950’s to 1980’2, wherein primary classes were held at San Felipe Annex. Until such time that San Felipe School Annex was completed thus, San Felipe Elementary School (West) was named in 1986 and the San Felipe School Annex was named San Felipe Elementary School (East) for proper identification. Due to yearly increase of population, the school administration and staff requested the construction of two storey building with sixteen (16) classrooms to the incumbent governor at that time, Gov. Amor A. Deloso, the construction started in October 1, 2008 by the district engineer DPWH-Zambales, Engr. Eduard Ricardo G. Ramos. There was a four-year delay of the construction because of some political reason and the reconstruction of the building was continued in SY 2012- 2013 by Engr. Edgardo