Hydroponics Farm in School:
SFESW’s New Income
Generating Project
for S.Y. 2022-2023

San Felipe Elementary School West embarks on an income-generating program spearheaded by the YES-O teacher adviser, Ma’am Lea Fe M. Labrador, with the YES-O President, Trisha Le-Anne A. Magbanua and SPG President, Johanna Feliah M. Batara. Project HFS is a joint project of the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG) and Youth for the Environment in School
Organization (YES-O).

It was launched on December 2022 at SFESW with a fundamental basis of making a greenhouse garden for plants and crops using hydroponic procedures. The planting of lettuce crops started on February 18, 2023, with a starting with 100 pieces of lettuce seed. After a month, the first harvest of lettuce gained enough budget to sustain the project. The profit from the first harvest was used in replanting new lettuce seeds and buying essential solutions and fertilizers for the crops. Since one of the components of their TLE subject is Agriculture, it will help them develop and enhance the skills of learners in farming, especially in hydroponics. HFS also aims to develop a sense of responsibility among learners in taking care of the greenhouse garden and the plants with it and it provides a chance for the learners to learn the significance of hard work. Until now, Project HFS is still implemented in the school. The funds that will be raised in the succeeding harvest will be used to purchase needed materials for the learners, repair or build school facilities if the raised funds are enough for this purpose, and maintain the operation of Project HFS.