Positive Outcomes While Enjoying Reading (POWER)

Due to the shift from face-to-face to modular distance learning, pupils are now taking more initiative in their own education and learning progress. One of the probable problems that arise in this situation is the improvement of reading level and comprehension of the learners at the intermediate level. As such, parents now have the important task of ensuring that their children obtain a quality education without compromising their safety. Parents must step up to support their children who are adjusting to the new set-up of education in the new normal.

With the utmost aim to address the real scenario of the learners facing difficulties in reading, the Teachers initiate a reading program – Project POWER (Positive Outcomes While Enjoying Reading). This program has been created to give attention to the learners to improve their reading despite the presence of the pandemic in the world. Learning continues despite the challenges of the spread of the CoVid-19 Virus. As the school followed the protocol, the new normal education is being utilized for the continuity of learning.             Project POWER intended to provide different reading exercises and passages to the different reading levels of pupils. Reading exercises were given by the teachers to the parent during module distribution.